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Bead embroidery kits

Bead embroidery – a great idea for a gift! Here you will find beads embroidery kits on various subjects: flowers, still life, birds, animals, portraits, children, landscapes and other. Our beads embroidery kits are completed with everything that is necessary for embroidery.

Embroidery with beads is a simple and affordable kind of needlework. All embroidery kits contain a patterned cloth with a marking for embroidery, a set of necessary beads with a stock, special threads and needles for embroidery with beads.

The technique of embroidery with beads has several levels of complexity, but each kit contains instructions with a detailed description of the embroidery process so that even a beginner can handle this! Here you can find a full and partial beads embroidery designs of different sizes. Also, you can try your hands in circular and linear bead embroidery technique.

We sell bead embroidery kits only by Ukrainian manufacturers. In the kits used Czech and Japanese beads, as well as decorative elements produced in India, Japan, the Czech Republic. We use the different fabric for our kits – satin, gabardine, art canvas.